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How Can an AI Chatbot Make a Difference to your Customer Support?

AI Chatbot support

Marketing, Sales, and Support – are the three huge pillars of every business. While marketing helps you get your business leads and sales help you close the deals, customer support becomes even more important. It helps you to embrace a good reputation for your brand

Every word that a customer says about you matters a lot – whether it is good or bad. If it is a positive review, you have lots of shoutouts! But on the other hand, if it is a negative review, it shatters your business. That’s the power of a customer for your business.

Every business exists because it resolves the problem statements of its respective persona.

So, as business stakeholders, we need to provide the maximum support to the customers so that they feel happy and comfortable working with you. 

What is Customer Support? 

Primarily, it means the after-sales service that every business provides to their customers when facing any challenges or troubleshooting. It carries a huge value for both parties. A customer does not find it good to wait for the issue to be resolved. So, the quicker you can resolve this, the better would be your business reputation. 

Did you know that a happy and satisfied customer can yield you 100 more similar customers? That’s the power of a customer for you! The “work of mouth” promotion of your customers is all you need to grow your business many folds. 

Just like lead management is done via CRM Automation Tool, helpdesk platforms are all you need to render the best service for your customers. If you have a strong marketing and sales team and a weak customer service team, you cannot succeed. Those who deliver outstanding customer support will always have a special place among your customer preferences. So, that’s the key! 

All you need to know about AI chatbots in Customer support 

Let’s take it this way! Now you know how a customer support team is for your business. So, the next step is about delivering the best of the best service. So, nobody wants to wait! So, the logic is that you need to address the queries with the shortest turnaround time. Well, to be frank, that’s a rare area that businesses really struggle. Because, again, businesses that are dependent on this cannot get this done every time. So here is the way! 

With AI technology on the rise, there are many tasks that a bot can do and can replace human resources with ease. It saves a lot of time and cost and eases out the complexities for every business. Helpdesk software is what we are talking about! These are the need of the hour for every business for excellent and timely support. 

Some of the best examples include Yorodesk, Drift, Pardot, and a lot more, which are doing an excellent job in terms of customer support. 

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How does a helpdesk software work? 

The logic is very simple. Most of the businesses that are working round the clock may have time zone challenges. Whenever a customer query is encountered, a service rep may have to get in touch at the next moment. Otherwise, the customer has to wait until they hear from them. 

With help desk software, how does it work: 

  • A customer query is encountered. 
  • It automatically creates a ticket for the system. 
  • Based on the requirement and the workflow, the ticket would be assigned to the service rep with a turnaround time. 
  • In the meantime, if you have an AI chatbot configured on the front end. It would take care of the entire conversation and make the service much simpler. 
  • Your customer will hear from you and will get a response then and there. 
  • At an advanced level, if you have some frequently asked questions that you have framed, then you can make the AI chatbot redirect the user to your knowledge base repository so that they can do the self-service there.  

All these measures are not for businesses to enjoy simplified customer services and for customers to get a seamless and hassle-free experience. 

What features can you look for in help desk software?  

Well, this depends upon each and every type of business that you operate for. But, to keep it general, here are a few things that you can keep an eye on : 

  • Automate your customer support in the best way possible so that you do not have to worry about when you receive a customer ticket. Helpdesk automation is trending and is vital for the smooth functioning of the business. 
  • Make sure you connect your business and customer service agents with ease. Human interaction would be pulled in only for complicated queries. For others, the AI chatbot will do the front-end support, saving a lot of time and cost for the business. 
  • Most importantly, a business may receive queries from any channel across the internet. It may be from websites, social channels, or even calls. So it is crucial to connect every channel, wherever your business is active, to the helpdesk system so that you can easily hand;e the queries from anywhere. Multi-channel support would benefit you in many ways, including keeping a good hold of the company’s reputation across different channels. 
  • Proper configuration of the workflow – every business may require a customized workflow. Define the princess and ensure to have a proper workflow configured with it so that you can make the AI chatbot support the way you need it. The workflow would help you build them easily. 

So all you need now is to define the workflow for your excellent customer support and succeed with it. A user-friendly and reliable helpdesk automation software will make things simplified for you.

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