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9 Marketing Strategies for Social Media in 2023

social media marketing- SMO Strategy

Before, social networks were seen as “a mess” where brands could say things without thinking (strategically) or where interns began to “catch fire” in their professional careers. Times have changed and this is an industry that is constantly evolving; however, they continue to be that place where brands can depend and have a measurable impact, which means that they do not work in silos and must work in conjunction with the entire business strategy of a company.

If you want to make sure your social media campaigns contribute to achieving your brand goals, we recommend repairing these 9 Social Media Marketing Strategies to make sure your goals come true.

Marketing Tips for Social Media

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1. Get started with chatbots

You may have heard about chatbots; Those digital tools that communicate and solve customer problems without the need for human intervention. Chatbots integrate with common use platforms for users, such as social networks or websites.

Platforms like Chattypepeople help create chatbots that do not require coding knowledge, can answer customer questions, can integrate with all payment methods and can receive orders directly from Facebook Messenger comments, integrating Artificial Intelligence ( AI) in your social strategy.

2. Create a content marketing strategy that is efficient

Quality is vital and content is no exception. Content marketing has long been a form of marketing and in some cases, many brands are not pairing quality content with the correct posting schedule and posting frequency with their Buyer Personas and Buyer’s Journey in mind. High-quality SEO content coupled with the right publishing tool will help convert the right customers on time.

3. Offer your customers a personalized experience

Chatbots are not just a way to automate some task or action. If a content strategy is properly implemented, it will allow you to create personalized experiences for your customers. For example, instead of “linking” your ads to a landing page or a section of your website , redirect it to a chatbot so that you will create a closer/personal experience, you can increase your sales, create a database of loyal customers , among others.

4. Create a social media budget

Social media platforms are among one of the most important ways to do marketing today. Putting a budget in place for social media activities is crucial to the success of a campaign.

According to Hootsuite recommendations, by 2018 companies should focus on being more selective when they publish and make their advertising investments, choosing only those social ads that interest them and taking into consideration relationships with influencers and brand advocates.

5. Create a community

While followers and other metrics are crucial, they are not the only requirements that will help a social media campaign succeed. Your audience needs to know that you are not a robot, so it is advisable to interact with emotions and humor (if your brand’s category allows it) in your publications so that the audience relates to the brand. Social networks, as the name implies, “are social”, and if your audience sees similar posts all the time – which usually happens – they may lose interest in your content.

One recommendation might be to generate conversation by asking your customers questions, sharing newsworthy information instead of sharing information about your services and products, gathering opinions on particular issues, asking your audience to directly engage with posts through shares and likes etc.

6. Use a different content strategy in each of your profiles

In social networks, standing out from the competition is crucial to becoming “that account” everyone wants to follow. To achieve this, diversify your content with various formats such as videos, infographics, and original photographs. Incorporating an online video editor can help elevate your content, allowing you to create engaging and unique videos that captivate your audience. Users are drawn to interesting live streams, entertaining videos, and high-quality images, so incorporating these elements will set your social media presence apart from the rest.

Giving variety to the content by using this type of media on a regular basis is an excellent strategy to give your brand personality.

7. Use of brand advocates

One of the best promotional tools available is the people who love your brand. Instead of putting all the effort into getting new clients, it is vital to take advantage of the existing ones -Delight Customers- and never forget the most important ones: your collaborators.

8. Create profiles on the right channels

Brands and companies are creating profiles in every social network there is, thinking that in this way they will reach more people, which is not recommended, because when you have this mentality, reaching the target audience will be difficult.

It is recommended that you know who your Buyer Personas are and that way you choose the correct channels and form of communication. For example, you don’t need a LinkedIn profile when launching a streetwear brand; You don’t need to be on Pinterest to promote funeral services.

9. Lives to tell a story

Video in marketing has gradually gained great importance when planning a digital strategy. It is not surprising when 78% of the content that users consume on the Internet is audiovisual. With the recent launch of Live or live videos on Facebook and Instagram, a new range of possibilities opens up when it comes to generating content for social networks.

Let’s remember that the first to test Facebook Live was from Mark Zuckerberg, when he published a post days before its launch, announcing the first live video, where he invited users to ask questions that would be answered during the broadcast. This allowed him to learn many insights from the public regarding this new novelty of the social network. One of the advantages is that for the moment there are few brands that have dared with this new format, which allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition and create a much closer relationship with your consumer.

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