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8 Amazing Types of Content Marketing

8 types of content marketing

Content marketing refers to creating engaging and captivating content and sharing them to attract a relevant audience who will turn into customers. Content marketing is way better than bombarding people with your services or products. People like to see content that is useful and that will be helpful to them.

By delivering relevant and quality content you will eventually build a relationship with your audience which is the main point. Once this is done, it is easy for them to convert into customers since they know what you are all about. Before people decide to purchase a product or choose a service they first have an attachment or bond with that particular brand. That is why people choose a certain brand over other brands. Good content is one that creates a positive feeling within the audience that makes the audience take action.

Content marketing is not something that is done only at the moment; it has been practiced even before the internet existed. The only thing that has changed a little bit is that it is done over the internet unlike before. In the past years; it was done on only magazines, postcards, etc.


  1. Videos-One of the best ways of capturing people’s attention is through videos. People prefer to watch videos than reading. When people want to learn how to use a certain product or its functions they normally watch videos, if they are looking to learn a new skill, they will choose a video. About one-third of online activity is spent watching videos. Using videos leads to an increase in return of investment (ROI) since there will be an increase in organic traffic from search engines by 157%. Apart from people watching videos more, videos are also shared more than other content by 1200%. Also, did you know that landing pages on websites with videos have a higher conversion rate with an increase of 80%?
  • Interviews-Having interviews is a great way of telling people what your company is all about and it also provides you with an opportunity of showing people you are good at what you do. At the end of the day, the main focus should be your customers, So make sure the interview is based on topics that will either inform or help your audience in one way or another. Interviews can be done in many ways in digital marketing such as
  • Creating interview content on your blog
  • Going live on social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube
  • Recording your interview and placing it on your website.
  •  E-books-Businesses can use e-books to provide useful information to customers about their services. E-books should be detailed and not just a summary. When people download and read your e-book, they should be able to find answers and solutions to their questions and problems. That way they will want to purchase your product or service. It’s not just about writing a book, it’s about writing a book with your targeted audience in mind. The good thing about e-books is that information must be provided by visitors before downloading. This helps in gathering information.
  • Checklists-These are worksheets that are used to make work easier by providing a list of things that need to be done to reduce failure and achieve the desired outcome. Checklists are usually easy to create and promote and are of good use to the audience. Checklists can be shared on social media as well as on your blog. The more your checklist has been seen the value it will have.
  • Social Media-Social media is a good platform for sharing content as it is the most popular online activity with over 2.65 billion users. Sharing your content on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will help you to increase awareness of your brand as well as get new customers. Having a social media profile can also lead to an increment of traffic to your website since you can place your website’s link on your profile. The good thing about social media is that it is easy to interact with your audience and know what they think about your brand. You also get to inform the public about your special offers, sales, discounts, or promotion through social media.
  • Infographics-They is used to present information or data by using visual representations or graphics. Infographics are used by companies to convey information to the public in a way that looks appealing and easy for them to understand. Infographics are good because they are easy to view and scan and they are highly shared on social media. Almost every topic can be presented by using infographics. They are used for explaining complicated and difficult topics to the audience as they make the information seem less difficult to understand. For eg, the infographic below shows the importance of drinking water by using images that are catchy to the eye which will make it easier for the public to understand and continue to read.
  • Case Studies-These are stories of customers that companies use to show their products or services have been of help to them. The best type of case study is those that are used by real people or customers. People like to hear real stories because it shows that your products or services can also be of help to them. Before conducting a case study, always choose carefully the person who is going to be an example of your case study. The ideal person would be a customer who is happy with your products or services and your product or services have been of help to him or her. Once a case study is successfully done, you can share it on your social media, website, blogs and even ebooks as well.
  •  Memes and GIFS-memes are images or a piece of text that are usually funny and are shared on the internet. Gifs are normally moving images that are also shared on the internet and they are also funny. These types of content are seen all over the internet today. Memes and gifs are good for sending information to the public in a funny way and not being too serious all the time.

Since GIFS and memes are shared all over the internet, they are good for drawing attention to your business. Businesses can use them while talking about their products or services. This will help in making the topic more exciting to the audience which will lead to more engagement.

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