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How to Protect the Originality of Writing With Plagiarism Checker?

A Guide for Writing Digital Marketing Content
content marketing

Plagiarism is merely stealing ideas and thoughts and presenting it as your own work. It is a violation to copy an individual’s thoughts and is a crime. Plagiarism percentage can be varying for each institution or workplace, but mostly plagiarism is described as the intentional theft of another person’s work.  Plagiarism is a rising problem in academia and at the workplace too. The internet has created easy access for people seeking to plagiarize written sources. Almost all topics are available online.  With so many different articles and reports published online, how can anyone keep track of and be sure that the submitted work is original?

You can have different ways to ensure whether the provided article, thesis, or any content is plagiarized or not. You can search online to locate an original content if you think that what you might be reading is plagiarized. But what if you are a professor or someone who deals with several content-related works, then trying to find plagiarism online isn’t very feasible. Another way is to hire a person to check this for you; however, this approach can be very costly, plus it is a difficult task to test plagiarism manually.

The best way is to use a copyright checker.

Features of Plagiarism Checker Online

Plagiarism check online is an extraordinary deal that is valid for all internet users.

Following are some reasons why you should use a Copyright checker:

1.     Easy to use and accessible

Plagiarism checker free tools are easily available online. One can use them very conveniently as they are easy to operate. Just open up the tool, enter your content, and get results on a single button click. Plagiarism check online tool shows a comparison against every line. Users can check out his/her every credential related to his work.

2.     Cross-checking

Internet users can cross-check their content with billions of material available on the internet. So it can be the best approach to avoid the worst consequences of plagiarism.

3.     Percentage match

Plagiarism check online comprehensively shows each plagiarized line with the percentage of copied content in that particular line. Some tools just display the total percentage of plagiarism in the whole content. It’s a feature that helps the user to know more inner details of plagiarism in his/her content.

4.     Multiple file formats

Online plagiarism checker usually allows users to add a file in different formats like .doc, PDF, .txt etc. Users can easily upload any supported file format to get results regarding plagiarism.

5.     Detailed plagiarism report

Plagiarism detector highlights plagiarized content to provide a comprehensive report to its user or better understanding. Users can download it to save or share it.

6.     Multiple sources to check against

The best free plagiarism checker always provides many sources to check out your results against them. The report generated by a reliable plagiarism detector should be detailed, based on checking billions of sources.

Top 3 plagiarism checker online

1.        Plagiarism check online by SmallSeoTools.

If one is looking for a free plagiarism check online, then this may be a great option. It offers the user as many searches as can be done in one day. It is a unique tool and provides users with the finest features. The user just needs to copy the text of the desired document and paste it in the space provided by the tool. Then there is the “Check Plagiarism” button option; just press the button, it would show results in seconds. It is a simple, free, and fast online tool that also provides quality results. It allows its users to upload documents, whether from Google Drive or from DropBox. This tool supports various file formats like pdf, .doc, .txt, .tex, .odt and .rtf.

It also enables the user to check plagiarism by directly entering the URL of the site. Exclude URL option provides the facility to the user if he/she wants to skip any site from the plagiarism checking process.

This tool can be accessed by clicking here.

The most exceptional plagiarism check online also offers the user to download generated reports for further use.

2.        PlagiarismDetector.net

This plagiarism check online is available in both free and paid versions. It allows the user to upload their documents directly from Dropbox or from the computer. This web tool offers in-depth control of plagiarism, as a result of which one obtains information on the different levels of plagiarism and also obtains additional details on the results. This plagiarism check tool also offers paid subscriptions for users who want to check the document or site for more than 1000 words. The Premium version offers different plans with different percentages of discounts. The plagiarism detector allows its users to create their own personalized plans according to their choice and requirement. All these features make it the best software to eliminate plagiarism.

3.        Duplichecker

Duplichecker is ranked among one of the best plagiarism verification tools.

This plagiarism check online tool is available free of cost and offers the user to check plagiarism of content up to 1000 words. This plagiarism check online tool gives results in seconds and also highlights the plagiarized text with a link to the sources from which it is taken. It displays plagiarized sentences in red color. Users can directly upload a file to verify their plagiarism, or they can check plagiarism simply by giving the URL. After authenticating plagiarism, the user can download the report, which provides a fully formatted view of plagiarized and unique content.

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