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Mobile App Development

What to Expect in Android App Development

There are many programming languages used when it comes to developing an application. Today Android and iOS are two of the popular platforms with Android leading the market share. According to research by Statista, Android holds 73% of the market share, and iOS is the second most popular. This number shows the growing demand for Android and the way Google is promoting its platform.

Talking about promoting Android and pushing it to make it better, let’s see some of the ways Google is working on it. In May 2021 at Google I/O (annual developer event), Google announced the all-new Android 12. They introduced a new version of Material Design, Material You, regular security updates, making it more personalized, and changing the way users interact with their phones.

With continuous effort of making their platform more secure, focusing on the next billion users, and making phones more accessible to users, Google is pushing the boundaries of Android. In turn, this is also helping businesses to develop an Android application to take their business online and reach a vast audience.

Today, Android has the largest number of users in the market. Hence, developing an application in Android will bring plenty of benefits to businesses. Going further, let’s see the top trends coming in Android app development.

Top Trends in Android App Development:

Blockchain Technology:

Blockchain is one of the immersive technologies which provides decentralized app development solutions. It increases transparency, decreases unauthorized access, and provides strong security protocols. It is one of the leading solutions for app development in Android especially for fintech which includes: banks, currency exchange, etc.

It is a go-to solution for transaction and other banking related work, because of the benefits it brings to the table:

  • Reduces data loss
  • Data transferring is possible despite network failure
  • Secure and safe for data encryption

Google Assistant:

Businesses are taking their customer service to the next level by integrating their applications or developing actions for Google Assistant. Today banks have started developing their AI-powered voice assistants which provide customers help like locating nearest ATMs and branches, get information about various loans and products, checking their KYC status, get account statements, get a call back from customer service, and more. This helps banks to connect easily with their customers and be available around the corner.

Another feature is enabling developers to show the most crucial content from your applications to the users of the assistant. Google Assistant and mobile app integration become easier since the number of users are increasing, and it becomes easy to access it as well.


We all know how scattered Android is. This resulted in having uneven navigation and design on multiple devices. But, not anymore. With Material Design, along with its guidelines and an all-new Jetpack compose.

The Jetpack compose is the library using which developers can design and develop their applications easily. The library provides a more seamless and similar way of design, application components, navigation between different screens, etc.

Android Instant Apps:

Android instant apps market is growing. Android instant app provides developers with Android Instant Apps SDK and App Links Assistant. This helps them to build mobile solutions from scratch or convert existing apps into Instant Apps.

Instant games allow users to play different games on applications without installing that app on the device. They are compatible with other gadgets, require less storage, and have an appealing user experience. They are the future of one of the biggest trends in mobile app development and help users to use apps easily.

Internet of Things:

Businesses today hire Android developers who can build devices on the top of the hardware platforms like Raspberry Pi which is lit up by Android. IoT has been around for a while and is changing the way we interact with devices today. Moreover, the introduction of 5G will open the door for more devices and data traffic to send and receive. The focus of IoT is on developing smart parking lots, streetlights, and traffic controls.

Application Performance Management:

Application performance management (APM) and Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) are two major things of mobile enterprise development. These technologies are useful to reduce mobile apps’ slowness. With the increase in mobile application development trends, they have become a quality tester for mobile apps. In the upcoming trends, APM will reflect the application behavior, measure statics for devices, and OSS which are useful. With application landscape and business infrastructure moving to cloud, APM will also provide powerful tools to monitor resources utilized by apps, map data with user insights, and adjust performance with business processes.

Whereas EMM is useful for mobile device management, app management, application wrapping, and containerization. EMM is growing exponentially and is looking into automation of processes, workflow optimization, easier, and smoother communication flow, and exchange of data.

Motion Layout:

It is the layout that developers use to manage the motion and widget animation in the apps. This tool is a part of the Constraint Layout library and is compatible with Android 4.0. Using these libraries, the team can quickly fill up the gaps between the complex motion handling and layout transitions, these tools offer high-end and useful features. Developers use Motion Layout to create multiple interfaces which use animation and help users understand what is going on in the app.

Beacon Technology:

Businesses are using Beacon technology because it helps them to target potential clients. They are transmitting gadgets which connect to mobile devices in a particular and fixed amount of range. This technology allows companies to send notifications about special offers, nearby hotels, etc. This technology has brought a transformation from a push marketing strategy to an opt-in strategy which is useful by many industries. You can also apply it on-cloud and at-area which is helping it to gain traction and promote its growth in the coming years.

Android Enterprise:

Google has an Android enterprise initiative which helps workers to use Android apps in their workplace. The Android Enterprise program helps developers with APIs and various other tools which integrate support for Android into the solution of enterprise mobility management.

Apps for Wearables:

Smartwatches are in demand and developing an application for that is immensely growing. Like other applications, they also use Android SDK but have great functionality and design. Wearable applications support smartwatches and provide hardware access like sensors and GPU.


Every year there are plenty of new innovations which bring transformation and change the way we use technology. If you are thinking about developing an Android application, hire dedicated Android developer from Biztech. Having been in the industry for more than a decade we have helped many companies to start out their business and helped them expand it.

Summary: Read the latest trends in Android app development and know how it is changing the way we interact with technology.
Author Bio
Maulik Shah is the CEO of Biztech, an hire dedicated android developer from India. Maulik likes to explore beyond his comfort zone. When it comes to writing for the blog, his contribution is priceless. No one else on the team can bring the deep industry knowledge to articles that he has. However, his door is always open and he is generous with sharing that knowledge.

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